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Hello, my name is Mike Norman and I am the Founder and Publisher of the Economic Contrarian Update.

The Economic Contrarian Update is a daily view of stocks, bonds, interest rates, currencies, commodities and policy, written with a unique, contrarian perspective. I like to examine arguments against widely followed themes and move against the so-called “wisdom” of Wall Street.

So much about investing is behavior. My daily report will teach you how to lose the bad behavior that causes you to self-sabotage. Learn how to buy low and sell high. Learn about timingĀ  your trades and investments just right. Learn about international markets, futures, currencies and commodities. And most important, learn how to think objectively and independently.

My writings will make you more savvy about the economy and show you that much of what you hear even at the highest levels of Wall Street is just plain wrong. Get on board the big trends before the crowd and lock in fantastic gains with low risk.

So, don’t waste anymore time. Get on board right now with a risk free subscription.*

Some of my recent commentaries

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