About Mike Norman

Hello fellow contrarians. My name is Michael Norman. I have been an active trader, exchange member, money manager, broker and market analyst since 1980. An economist by training, I spent my early years at a major U.S. brokerage firm where I successfully developed hedging strategies for major corporations.

I am a former member of four U.S. futures exchanges, where I traded as a “local” (independent floor trader), floor broker and money manager. I built a floor brokerage business in the 1980’s, which specialized in oil futures and option execution on the NYMEX.

From 1993 to 1999, I lived in Switzerland where I continued my trading and money management activities. It was there that I founded the Economic Contrarian Update.

The Economic Contrarian Update is a global, macroeconomic perspective of investment trends in interest rates, currencies, equities and commodity markets. The publication strives to examine arguments against widely followed themes, with the idea that once a major investment idea is known and fully discounted, there are both new risks and new opportunities. I believe that long-term success is built upon questioning the so-called prevailing wisdom of the popular and elite media and mainstream Wall Street, which tends to be very self-centered. To be a successful investor it is imperative to think and behave independently, and not limiting yourself to any one, particular market. Perspective is extremely important, as is the concept of value and timing. This is what I strive to bring to you in my writings and in the writings of others contributors featured on this site.

The Economic Contrarian Update has some of the top banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, hedge funds and traders as clients. Recently, I have made a deliberate effort to bring my writings and philosophy to individual investors, where I think it will be of great help. I firmly believe that with just a little training and some patience, individuals can do better than the mediocre performance that has become a trademark of so many of the “professionals” in this industry. Much of what I talk about and teach in my writings and seminars is just common sense and requires little, if any financial experience.

-Mike Norman